The Launch of Esquire Coaching


We are two weeks away from the official launch party of Esquire Coaching!  In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I would share why I decided to start this company that’s dedicated to helping attorneys achieve unparalleled personal and professional success.

Having practiced law for over a decade, I saw several unmet needs within the legal community.  

Many attorneys graduate from law school and have a decent foundation in legal research and analysis, but don’t have the business building and leadership skills that would allow them to succeed in the workplace. The skills it takes to succeed as a young attorney (i.e., diligence, research and writing, perseverance) is far different than the skills required of a senior attorney (i.e., marketing, sales, managing a team). The need for business development and leadership skills are even greater for the sole proprietor or small firm partner since the viability of their entire business rests on their shoulders.

Here’s another unmet need: attorneys struggling to achieve work-life balance.  In fact, a recent survey conducted by Esquire Coaching, revealed that the #1 issue that attorneys who took the survey were concerned about was maintaining work-life balance.  Whether you are in a firm with high billable hours or working for the government, practicing law is a demanding field.  It requires precision.  Most often,others are relying on you to provide the right answer. Because most attorneys are highly ambitious and overachieving, we are dedicated to our work.  Trying to cope with the demands of the field, clients, and higher-ups, have left many attorneys living imbalanced lives.  Attorneys have among the highest rates of depression, divorce, alcoholism, and substance abuse compared to other professions.  These issues prevent us from truly excelling in our profession.

Finally, I noticed another unmet need.  Diverse attorneys (women, multicultural, & LGBT) and faced unique challenges in addition to the same challenges as their colleagues.  These challenges are both internal and external. Internally, some diverse attorneys have developed an “inner glass ceiling” – limiting beliefs that in turn limit success.  Externally, diverse attorneys deal with unique challenges in networking, building business relationships, and career advancement that also impact success.

It’s time to meet these needs — that’s why I founded Esquire Coaching. I want to ensure attorneys have all of the non-legal skills necessary to succeed.  I’ve brought together an amazing array of experts from various business, leadership, and personal development fields to teach these essential skills and walk attorneys through the process. I wanted to provide a one-stop shop because I know how precious your time is. Youdon’t have time to hunt down three different experts to help you improve your health, change your image, and build your book of business.  You also don’t want to work with someone who only addresses one aspect of your life as if it operates in a vacuum  You’re a whole person and you deserve to have your whole life work.  

It’s time to ensure that ALL attorneys succeed in work and life.  I believe in our profession.  We are smart, powerful and have the ability to make a positive impact in the lives of all whom we come in contact with.  

If you plan to be in NYC on September 25th, come celebrate the launchof this revolutionary company.  I’d love to meet you and learn more about what’s important to you.    


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