Launching Your Dreams

Have you been wanting to do something but keep getting in your own way?  You don’t want to miss this week’s Esquire Coaching Radio interview.

Business Sucess Coach Donna Price

  Business Success Coach Donna Price



Business Success Coach Donna Price has just written a new book “Launching your own Dreams- Stop Day Dreaming and Live Your Vision“,  which outlines a plan for how   you can achieve your dreams. During this informative interview we will discuss  how to take an idea and make it happen, including:

  • ·         Visioning your dream
  • ·         Creating a focused plan
  • ·         How to Overcome Your Own Fears

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Navigating the Path to Partnership

Are you an Associate who wants to make partner?

When you’re first starting out, the path to becoming a law firm partner can seem like a mystery.  Adding to this mystery is that the partnership landscape has changed in recent years.  Instead of the traditional “up or out” model that rewarded most Associates for their longevity and dedication, changes in the marketplace and increased competition has required firms to modify their pathway to partnership.  Today, the path to partnership often takes longer than the old model, usually includes a lateral move, and requires Associates to demonstrate that they can be rainmakers.

 Emilie R. Ninan, Managing Partner of the Wilmington office of Ballard Spahr LLP.

Emilie R. Ninan, Managing Partner of the Wilmington office of Ballard Spahr LLP.

In today’s episode, we will interview Emilie R. NinanManaging Partner of the Wilmington office of Ballard Spahr LLP Ms. Ninan is the partner responsible for the firm’s public finance practice in Delaware and is the immediate past President of NASABA, a national affinity bar association.  In this powerful conversation, we’ll explore:

  • changes in the partnership landscape;
  • tips and advice for Associates who want to become partner in today’s law firm environment; and
  • essential skills an Associate must develop to become a productive, rainmaking partner

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Does your relationship (or lack thereof) need a tune-up?

The high stress and ongoing demands of practicing law can take a toll on relationships.  Lawyers who are single complain about the difficulty of finding a mate when so much of their time and energy is devoted to work.  Meanwhile, lawyers who are in intimate relationships are constantly trying to ensure that they are present and available for their spouses and partners.

Relationship Expert and Lovestyle Coach, Lisa Velazquez

Relationship Expert and Lovestyle Coach, Lisa Velazquez

In this powerful conversation, Relationship Expert and Love style Coach, Lisa Velazquez, will discuss:

  • the most common love issues that keep busy attorneys stuck;
  • how to find and keep a healthy (and sizzling) relationship despite the demands of practicing law; and
  • the importance of creating a vision for your relationship.

Tune in this evening at 5:30 p.m. on October 16, 2013 to this episode to make sure the spark in your relationship doesn’t fizzle.

Supporting Latino Lawyers


Yesi Morillo-Gual, founder of Proud to Be Latina, discusses the unique challenges faced by Latino/a lawyers and strategies to help empower and support their career advancement.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we wanted to dedicate a post to the importance of supporting Latino/a lawyers.  According to at 2011 ABA report, despite comprising 16% of the US population, Latinos only comprise 4% of the legal profession. The report further noted that Latino lawyers face an astounding amount of racism and discrimination within the profession and in their communities. These challenges can have an adverse impact on the professional development and career advancement.

On today’s episode of the Esquire Coaching Radio Show, we will discuss challenges Latinos/as have within the professional environment.  Joining us for this powerful interview is Yesi Morillo-Gual, Director at Citi and founder of Proud to Be Latina, an organization created to help Latinas banish self-doubt and break self-imposed barriers.  A personal and professional development network, Proud to Be Latina educates, empowers and encourages Latinas to rise to their full potential.


In this powerful interview, we will:

  • identify challenges Latinos/as face in the professional environment;
  • learn cutting-edge diversity and inclusion strategies used in corporate America that can be replicated in law firms to help retain Latino/a lawyers; and
  • discuss the importance of cultivating leadership among Latino/a lawyers.


At Esquire Coaching, we believe it’s important to empower and support all attorneys.  Diversity and inclusion ensures that the legal profession stays at the cutting-edge, and enables lawyers to develop innovative solutions to our client’s challenges.

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How to Captivate Your Audience

Kimberly Fernandez, professional coach who teaches the art of captivation.

Kimberly Fernandez, professional coach who teaches the art of captivation.

Lackluster.  That’s one of the common things that we hear non-lawyers say about lawyer presentations.  Learn how to stand out from the crowd and really CAPTIVATE your audience so that you can:

  • be seen as an expert or leader
  • attract more business
  • command more respect

On the premier episode of Esquire Coaching Radio, we will hear from Kimberly Fernandez, a passionate executive coach & founder of Kcaptivates, about the art of captivation. 

Captivation is about being spell-bound. It’s about showing vulnerability and your strength because that’s real. It’s taking your audience from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. It’s about tapping into the full range of who you are instead of having a mono style. It’s a style that’s bewitching, alluring, and fascinating

Kimberly thrives on bringing her sassy, enchanting, and irresistible charm to help others find their style of captivation within themselves. Kimberly coaches them find their sazon, their sofrito, their spice, their flavor within and transform this into a powerful ingredient in their lives.

Don’t forget your official host of Esquire Coaching Radio,  Ann Jenrette-Thomas. She has been a professional attorney for 11 years before launching Esquire Coaching. In addition to being the founder of Esquire Coaching, she owns a boutique nonprofit law firm.

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