How to Captivate Your Audience

Kimberly Fernandez, professional coach who teaches the art of captivation.

Kimberly Fernandez, professional coach who teaches the art of captivation.

Lackluster.  That’s one of the common things that we hear non-lawyers say about lawyer presentations.  Learn how to stand out from the crowd and really CAPTIVATE your audience so that you can:

  • be seen as an expert or leader
  • attract more business
  • command more respect

On the premier episode of Esquire Coaching Radio, we will hear from Kimberly Fernandez, a passionate executive coach & founder of Kcaptivates, about the art of captivation. 

Captivation is about being spell-bound. It’s about showing vulnerability and your strength because that’s real. It’s taking your audience from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. It’s about tapping into the full range of who you are instead of having a mono style. It’s a style that’s bewitching, alluring, and fascinating

Kimberly thrives on bringing her sassy, enchanting, and irresistible charm to help others find their style of captivation within themselves. Kimberly coaches them find their sazon, their sofrito, their spice, their flavor within and transform this into a powerful ingredient in their lives.

Don’t forget your official host of Esquire Coaching Radio,  Ann Jenrette-Thomas. She has been a professional attorney for 11 years before launching Esquire Coaching. In addition to being the founder of Esquire Coaching, she owns a boutique nonprofit law firm.

Catch the replay here.

Contact Kimberly at or 347-369-4141.  Kimberly is also one of the coaches at Esquire Coaching.


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