Building Your Law Practice with Social Media – Part II

In the second part in the 2-part series on how to build your law practice with social media, Social Media Expert Biana Bakman will discuss:

  • the importance of developing a social media strategy
  • how to develop a strategy that creates engagement
  • top mistakes that most lawyers make when developing a social media strategy


Biana Bakman is a social media marketing specialist.  She specializes in helping her clients develop sound, ethical marketing campaigns that utilize all forms of social media, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  She has brought her marketing insight to a variety of companies in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Biana also serves as co-organizer of the ArtsTech Meetup group in NYC and has served on the board of Ann Thomas Coaching & Consulting, LLC since January 2012. Biana is proud to be a Terrier, having received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University.

Call in to speak with the host and guest (347) 838-8719–part-ii



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