Leadership & Fear

Rarely does conversation embody both leadership and fear in the same sentence.  Leaders are to be passionate, knowledgeable, wise, strong, confident and powerful.  Fearful, not so much.  The reality is, we are all leaders in some aspect of our lives.  We are also all human beings, or as I like to say, perfectly imperfect beings  In our role as leaders, there are always places for us to improve and grow.  Those places often are connected to what we fear most as a leader.  We can choose to step in and face those fears, or instead, we can choose to pretend those fears don’t exist (bottle them up) and as a result, not live up to our full potential.  With that choice, we short change ourselves and those we lead.  In tonight’s episode, we choose to step in and explore leadership & fear.
a Jean

Jean M. Hanham, MBA, ACC, CPCC, ORSCC, is highly regarded for her expertise as a professional certified coach and atrio Professional Life Coaches, an inspiring speaker, creative workshop designer & engaging and highly skilled facilitator. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/esquire-coaching/2013/11/20/leadership-fear


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