Shifting Your Energy for All Around Success

As lawyers, we tend to rely more on our left-brain — the part of the brain that functions on logic, reasoning and analysis.  In fact, we often tend to approach success from this point of view as well.  


Nilda Carrasquillo, Energy Coach

In tonight’s episode of Esquire Coaching Radio, Energy Coach Nilda M. Carrasquillo, teaches lawyers a new paradigm — work with your energy to achieve all around success. As lawyers learn to better manage their energy levels, they will reduce stress, achieve greater work-life balance, and more effectively build their practice.

Nilda is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Pracitioner and Reiki pracitioner.  For over 20 years she has helped her clients get motivated and take action to achieve success. She uses energetic and innovative techniques to coach and train leaders on skill development and personal and professional transformation. Nilda says, “If you’re missing the WOW factor in your life, then your energy is low and it’s time to fuel up!”

Tune in live at 5:30 pm EST/ 2:30 pm PST or catch the replay:  If you have a question for Nilda, call (347) 838-8719 and press 1 to be entered in the que. 



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