Do You Have a Book in You?

CEO and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning

CEO and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning

Do you think of yourself as a “writer”? An “author”? Or an “entrepreneur”? Chances are that you’ve never referred to yourself as the latter. But perhaps now is the time to start acting like one.

In this episode, CEO and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning will address issues about how to become a successful author in an age where books are no longer just described as hardbound or paperback. She will also discuss ways on how attorneys and business people can benefit from writing books.

Aside from being a highly regarded publishing consultant  and editor, Stephanie Gunning is a 28-year veteran of the publishing industry. She is also the CEO of her own book packaging company, Lincoln Square Books. Stephanie began her career working for HarperCollins Publishers and Bantam Dell. She then switched “teams” and became a ghostwriter and book proposal coach. She is co-writer behind the scenes of 30 or so books published by major publishing firms. Her clients have included New York Times bestselling authors, literary agents, publishing companies, and numerous independently publishing writers.

Stephanie is ahead of the curve when it comes to succeeding in the new digital publishing environment. But most importantly, she loves working with entrepreneurs and experts on writing their books and on making them marketable!

Join us LIVE tonight at 5:30 pm EST/2:30 pm PST by clicking here!


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