No Time to Get it All Done? Delegate!

by Joncara Marshall, Esquire Coaching

The one thing we hear lawyers say all the time is, “I wish I had more time.”  There’s always SO much to do and you’re juggling many things at once.  How can you get everything done that needs to be done both at work and at home?  One solution is to learn to delegate.

As lawyers, we are responsible for dotting all the “I’s” and crossing all the “T’s”, so the thought of delegating responsibility can be a hard pill to swallow.  Yet without learning how to properly delegate, you risk not being able to get it all done (or at least get it all done on time and with a modicum of sleep!).

With years of experience, Emily Morgan, founder of Delegate Solutions, offers insight and tips into delegation in the radio broadcast, “How to Delegate the Right Way.”  Here are some of the key points from her interview on Esquire Coaching Radio:

  • Delegation is a mindset: you must believe that it will work, have systems in place, and know what can be delegated.

  • To delegate, you have to take a “comprehensive look” at how you spend your time. Look for tasks that repeat themselves, do not need your direct attention, and can be replicated.  Also look for tasks that you don’t enjoy doing (e.g., cleaning the house, typing billable hours); these are items that should be delegated because they can lead to procrastination.

  • In addition to an Executive Assistant, paralegals, or a junior associate, lawyers may want to invest in hiring a Virtual Assistant.  They help identify what can be delegated and provide services to execute those tasks. You can find a virtual assistant through the International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA) or ask within your network. Emily Morgan’s company, Delegate Solution can also help. It is a virtual national company that offers instant and high quality work for an affordable cost

If you feel uncomfortable delegating, try thinking about the results. Do not expect the person to whom you have delegated to do the work exactly as you would have done it, but expect it to be done correctly.  Always leave time for you to review the work completed and make adjustments as necessary.

Post in the comments below what you plan to delegate to free up your time and energy.


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