Increasing Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

There are over 1.2 million lawyers in the United States alone.  With so much potential competition, how can you stand out from the crowd as a leading-edge lawyer.  One way to increase exposure to potential clients is article marketing.  Article marketing is an ideal way to improve your website traffic without expending too much energy.  All you need do is to write a few decent articles, and your traffic will increase significantly.

The writing must be relevant to your legal practice area or to matters relevant to your client base. One tremendous advantage that article marketing has over most other traffic building programs is that you can direct traffic from the article to whatever page on your website you wish.

This is done through your author’s resource box: the area set aside by most article directories for a few words about yourself and a link or two back to your website.  That link need not be only to your home page, but can be to any page on your site that you choose.  The page you choose, however, must be relevant to the article you have written.

One mistake that many authors make is to fail to understand what is allowed in the resource box, sometimes called a bio. Some allow HTML and others don’t.  Some allow links and others don’t. If you are not allowed a link to your site then there is little point in providing a directory with a free article.  Some directories do not provide a resource box, but allow you to add a few words with your url at the end of the article.

People that like your writing and content may click on the link to visit your website for more information. Depending on the topic of your article, and how you submit it, that can be a massive short-term jump, or a steady stream over a longer period.  The ideal is a combination of each, but that depends on your submission strategy and how many versions of your article you submit.

The versions matter, because if you can produce a few versions and submit different versions to different groups of directories, then you will get better results.  That is because after a while, the search engines will begin to detect that a number of article directories, and other websites, have the same content (your article).  They will then begin to drop some of these from their listings as being less relevant, and this will continue theoretically until there is only one directory or site with your article on it.

Article marketing can be used to increase your website traffic and help brand you as an expert and possibly a thought leader.  Maximize that increase by using article directories and your articles strategically.

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