Top 5 Strategies to Build Your Practice Online in 2014

In an increasingly competitive market place, professionals and business owners must find new ways to stay “top of mind” with prospects and clients.

Claudia Hernandez, President of Innovate

Claudia Hernandez, President of Innovate

During this discussion Claudia Hernandez, President of Innovate, an Online Marketing group, will explore five key strategies to help attorneys leverage technology, understand new trends in online marketing and build a successful practice.

Claudia Hernandez is the President of Innovate, An Online Marketing Group based in New York City. The Innovate Group offers professionals and small businesses web based solutions for creating a powerful online presence. Claudia is savvy about best practices, leveraging technology and online marketing strategies to help businesses make more money online.

Claudia’s clients’ successes include increases in leads, sales, and greater visibility in their industry. Claudia supports small law firms through her engagement with the Small Law Firm Committee in NYC. In 2013, she presented at the New York City Bar Association’s Small Law Firm Symposium.

Join us LIVE tonight at 5:30 pm EST/2:30 pm PST by clicking here.


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