The Art of Captivation: It’s Not Just for Litigators

by Brittany Amendt

In the legal profession, captivating the audience is an exceedingly important task. This skill is not only important for litigators who need to captivate jurors, but for all attorneys.  All attorneys must learn to effectively communicate and captivate clients and prospects.

Esquire Coaching’s Kimberly Fernandez (also founder of Kcaptivates, a professional development company that helps individuals improve their presentation skills) described the art of captivating your audience as “executing the essence of who you truly are.” Captivation requires you to dig deeper within yourself. It is more than being convincing and pure — it’s about being authentic and genuine. The passion one exudes should be contagious and make others as excited as you are. During an interview on Esquire Coaching Radio, she stated, “Captivation is about being spell bound. It’s about showing vulnerability and your strength because that’s real.”

Often times lawyers use jargon that a non-lawyer (e.g., clients and potential clients) may not understand. This not only causes confusion, but may lead to the misinterpretation of information. To prevent this from happening, Ms. Fernandez recommends rehearsing your comments in front of children to see if they understand your point.  If a young person understands the essence of what you are communicating, then you know it’s easily understood.  Talking to different age groups allows for candid feedback and a different perspective.

Learning to stand out from the crowd and captivate your audience is one easy way to attract potential clients to your business.  Moreover, it allows you to be seen as a leader or expert, thereby commanding more respect.

The good news is that the art of captivation can be learned. By working with a professional to develop your leadership and presentation skills, you can master the art of captivation and achieve greater success.

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