You are the Ceiling of Your Law Practice

By Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esq., CPCC

Having a thriving legal practice requires more than just business acumen.  It requires you to thrive on the inside.  It means that you have to be 100% committed to your personal and professional evolution.  By engaging in activities designed to help you grow personally, you develop the “5-C Leadership Benefits”:

Capacityexpand your bandwidth as a leader

Clarityawareness of your strengths and limitations, as well as your direction

Compassionincrease your emotional intelligence by doing the inner work

Competencyguidance by your inner compass leads to better decisions

Confidenceyou develop an unshakable inner strength

To help you “raise the roof” of your legal practice, write an answer to this question: “What makes you happy?” Think about different people, activities, projects, and places.  Explore this question as it pertains to different areas of your life, including relationships, health and well being, physical space, and your business. Commit to doing something DAILY that makes you happy.  Now this may seem challenging as a lawyer, but I’m not asking for a huge time commitment.  Take as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

As your happiness expands, so will your business development.  Clients and prospects are naturally more attracted to working with and spending time with lawyers who are more enjoyable to be around.  Moreover, clients and prospects are more likely to continue to use your services if they feel like you are approachable and relatable.

If you want more tips on how to develop your rainmaking and leadership skills, contact us at for an assessment of how you can improve upon these skills.  Also, mark your calendars!   Our book, The Happy Law Practice: Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind will be released on March 25th on Amazon.  It will provide additional tips and strategies that will live up to the title’s promise!

What are the biggest challenges you face as a leader in your business?  Do you see yourself as a CEO? Entrepreneur?  Leave a comment below.


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