How To Be A Top-Notch Networker

By Joncara Marshall

Despite having hundreds of social media outlets to communicate with other people, nothing is better than meeting them face-to-face. The best times to do this are at conferences or networking groups in which you can meet other lawyers or different professionals with whom you can build a lasting relationship. In the Esquire Coaching radio broadcast, “Gaining Business without Selling,” Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Esq., CEO and Founder of “Purposeful Networking,” shares her knowledge on how to connect with people both on a professional and personal level.

Here are a few of her key points for networking:

  • Get to know people first. Jennifer says that it is not a matter of handing out all of your business cards but meeting a few people who you can have a conversation with. Start with finding out each other’s common interests and building a conversation from there. Even if you are unable to tell each other what your professions are, Jennifer says that creating a good first impression is what is most important. If you do not know anyone at an event, try asking the people at registration or other people who are there to introduce you to someone.

  • Reassess your networking groups. Do not leave your groups if you have not seen any new clients. Jennifer says that it takes time- anywhere between six months to two years- before people start giving out referrals about your services. The best thing to do is to consider if you enjoy being with the people in your group and the content of the meetings. If you are not, than you should think about joining a different group.

  • Stay in touch. The name of the game is building a relationship with another person. After your first meeting with someone, Jennifer advises that you call them within the first 24 to 72 hours. By not talking to them afterwards, she says that the person may forget who you are. The best way to contact them would be to call them as it will help you to stand out more. You can strengthen your connection with someone by emailing them articles based on their interests, having a one on one conversation either in person or over the phone, or inviting them to an event.

Jennifer says that you should create your own opportunities for networking. Have an event for lawyers or other professionals to gather and get to know each other. She also suggest that you should also make calls about giving a seminar or teaching a class. Though you may not see any profit, Jennifer says that the exposure will help you in the long run.

To hear more tips about how to effectively network, as well as listen to past broadcasts, click here. You can also listen to live broadcasts on Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m-6:00 p.m. EST.

Do you have any tips for networking? Leave a comment. If you would like to see more articles about networking or other topics, email us at


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