How Do You Create New Leads with Social Media?

by Joncara Marshall

Social media has exploded over the last few years. People can connect with family, friends, or strangers to share their lives and opinions on a global scale. Businesses, both large and small, have used social media to not only connect with their client base, but expand it. However, with the plethora of social media sites, it may be hard for lawyers and law firms, or any business, to figure out the best ways to use them.

In the Esquire Coaching radio broadcast, “How to use Social Media to Generate New Leads for Your Business,” Guy Alvarez, Chief Engagement Officer of Good2bSocial, explains how lawyers can use social media to reach out to current and potential clients.

Guy says that there are two challenges in showing lawyers how to use social media. The first is educating them to the power of social media. Lawyers have to see these sites as more than posting stories and pictures, but “thought leadership” tools that show people what you know and how good you are.

The second challenge is being able to share that knowledge. Guy says that lawyers are used to keeping what they know to themselves. To be more engaged with your target audience, you have to change your mindset and share what you know in your field. By doing this, Guy says that you will show how you are different from other lawyers, have more meaningful relationships with your audience, and have new business opportunities.

Guy offers two steps to lawyers in how they can utilize social media:

1. Listen to others. Social media is like being in a room with strangers; you would not start selling yourself if you were to meet someone for the first time, but rather, you would introduce yourself and get to know them. Just as creating a relationship in person, you have to build trust with your target audience through social media.

2. Contribute to the conversation. Answer questions and offer your insight to an issue. Guy says that you want to give engaging content, not promote your business. If it is just promotion, people will not want to respond to it or share it with others.

Before joining a social media site, you should observe competitors and get an idea of what to do. When you start feeling comfortable with the site, Guy says that is when you should start. Seeing leads from social media takes time-at least 3 to 6 months. However, once you attract a following, he says that you will have loyal advocates for what you do.

If you would like to hear more about how to utilize social media in your practice, as well as listen to past broadcasts, click here. You can also listen to live broadcasts on Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m-6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

What do you think about the use of social media in business? Has it helped you to network better with clients? Leave a comment. If you would like to see more articles about how to effectively use social media for your practice or other topics, email us at


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