Style Matters: Part II

by Nancy Barrood, Esq., Owner of Buttons and Bow Ties, and Co-author of the soon to be released book The Happy Law Practice:  Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind

Welcome to the second installment of Style Matters.

As promised, we are going to explore some of the rules of style, and, more importantly, how to break them.  After all, what fun is it to obey all the rules all of the time?  I just love it when I run into really well-heeled attorneys, and the buttons on the cuffs of their suit jackets are unbuttoned, or they are wearing a wonderful mix of black and brown.  Fear not!  I do not expect you to dress outside of your comfort zone – these are extreme cases.  When they are well-done, they are magnificent, and when they are badly executed, they are, well, poorly dressed.  For now, let’s stick with the basics.

Let us start with getting comfortable in your own skin.  Go and stand in front of the mirror.  Take a moment to notice your best attributes.  Are they your piercing blue eyes, or your long legs?  It does not have to be a physical attribute.  It could be an aspect of your personality:  your patience with elderly clients, your quick wit.  Please ignore the self-loathing critical voice that is trying to jump in.  Push him or her out of the way, and really concentrate on what you like about yourself.  Smile.  Breathe.  Recognize that you are a magnificent creation and you are here, in this space and time, to accomplish wonderful things.  I know, a little out-there, but go with it for a moment. You must believe that you are destined for something purposeful in this lifetime, or you would not have chosen such a purpose-driven profession.

Take your time.  Walk around for a little while, enjoying the realization of your most dramatic and attractive quality. This is an important exercise, because what you discover is the spark that you are going to express to the world… in your attitude, in your dress, in your environment.  In short, this is the essence of your personal style.

Write it down and post it on the mirror so that you can see it every time you get dressed.  How about an example?

“Hello, Gorgeous/Handsome.  That smile brightens everyone’s day. Now go get ‘em.”

So, the first rule of style is this:  Be true to your essence.  (Don’t break this one).

Until next time, I wish you a stylish day,



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