The Power of Influence

By Joncara Marshall

Whether it be a first date or a job interview, first impressions are important. This is particularly true for attorneys who meet new clients, jurors, or other lawyers on a regular basis. Though you do not want to be bogged down by how people see you personally, their perception of you professionally can either lead them to trust you to do the job or look for someone else. In the Esquire Coaching Radio broadcast, “The Power of Influence,” Sara Canuso, president of Women That Influence, gives her insight and tips on how lawyers can make a professional impact when meeting people.

Before you even exchange greetings, you can create a powerful first impression. Sara’s top 3 ways in how to do that are:

1. Letting the impression of yourself shine through. Sara says that your inner worth will always reflect outside of you. This means that what you think of yourself, other people will be able to see it too.

2. Carrying yourself with confidence. People are hardwired to look at a person’s body language. Therefore, you must have good posture and a good handshake. Sara says that the power of a handshake can tell a person what direction a meeting will take.

3. Wearing the appropriate attire. This is not about sporting name brand clothes but knowing when to wear a suit instead of cargo pants. Sara says that your appearance is your personal brand that says who you are. When your clothes are too casual, you can send the wrong message to the people you meet. Though Sara does not have anything against business causal, she keeps in mind that nothing about her future is casual.
When you are in the courtroom, Sara advises that lawyers use their hands when they speak. She says to think about having the jury in the palm of your hands and getting them to see your side.

If you would like to hear more about how to present yourself professionally, as well as listen to past broadcasts, go to You can also listen to live broadcasts on Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m-6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Did you find the article helpful? Do you have any advice of how to make a good first impression? Leave a comment. If you would like to see more articles about how to look and act professional or other topics, email us at


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