Dealing with Serenity-Busting Employees

Melody Stevens, contributing author for the Huffington Post, and author of Become a Time Millionaire

When job candidates go through the interview process, and even in the first stage of their employment, it can be really hard to tell if they’re going to ultimately help or hinder your business. The very people who seem to be dream team employees in the beginning sometimes turn out to bust your serenity, based on their personality alone. Keeping these types of people in your employ can wreak havoc on your business, destroy morale, and make you feel insane.

Therefore, it’s important to know and spot the subtle signs of a “serenity busting employee” as soon as possible. In this talk, Melody Stevens, a 20 year veteran employer, discusses the most common types of serenity buster in business and what to look out for in the interview process.

She says that the best teachers in business (and life) are the ones who have made the most colossal mistakes, and have lived to tell about them. A 17-year NJ music and dance studio owner, NYC preschool owner, singer, consultant, mother, wife, and homeowner, Melody has received an incredible business and life education and is here to share. Melody is also a contributing author for the Huffington Post, and author of Become a Time Millionaire.

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MIND The matters – the art and science of compelling communication

Are you tired of delegating tasks that boomerang? Exhausted trying to keep the peace? Are you scratching your head wondering why people are so sensitive? Frustrated that you keep on repeating yourself and yet no one seems to do anything?

In this humourous and thought-provoking episode, let Robin Lavitch help you discover the art and science of compelling and effective communication with any personality.

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, an “A-ha Instigator” and the founder of Surpass Your Goal

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, is an “A-ha Instigator” and the founder of Surpass Your Goal, a coaching practice for executives, attorneys, and doctors. Robin is known to “Tickle Your Brain”: her keen ability to observe and read people captivates audiences and shows them how mundane everyday life events can be applied humorously to business principles. Robin is an expert in communicating with differing personality styles, interpreting body language, and detecting deception for persuasion. Her capacity to connect with audiences, elicit thought-provoking ideas and clarify personal ambitions prepares people apply to that knowledge instantaneously to accelerate their own results in leadership, sales, and time management.

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The Softer Side of Selling: Say what you need to say to Grow your Client base

No one likes a hard sell, especially those of us who are in service to others. The Softer Side of Selling introduces methods of drawing clients to you through the use of compelling conversation.

Christine Clifton, founder of Client Centric Growth

Christine Clifton is the founder of Client Centric Growth and creator of programs like Wealth Harvest, The Fortune is in the Follow Up, and You don’t have to shout to Stand Out.  She’s combined the best of her Corporate Sales Coach experience with the reality of service business entrepreneurship to create The Softer Side of Selling.

She helps mindful service business owners – and independent professionals – feel confident and comfortable promoting their business.  She draws forth their natural strengths so they speak from a place of conviction and connect with the people they really want to help.  In the process, they grow their client base, earn what they’re worth, and make a bigger difference in their community.

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The Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living

No day is ever wasted that can be lived consciously and to the full.

2 a.m. The hour of the wolf. You wake up filled with regrets, and haunted by dashed dreams, wondering what went wrong. For Paul Lipton, a successful lawyer in his sixties, his mind’s howling in the darkness reminded him that time was slipping away.

Perhaps partly because both his parents had died when they were young, and because he had already experienced his own serious health crisis, he wanted to be sure to live each day to the fullest. He decided he would start viewing each day afresh and in the now as a do-over, each night dying and each morning being reborn. His philosophy was to say, “I am me today,” and ask, “How do I choose to live in the now?” His solution to these sleepless nights became an adventure, and an experiment in ageless living.

Paul R. Lipton is author of Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living. He also writes the blog the ageless experiment at

Paul asks us all to put age aside and live the day. He is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in political science and a JD from Washington University Law School in St Louis. He has been a trial attorney for over 40 years and is a frequent speaker on the topics of professionalism, ethics, and living a balanced life in a world that seems out of balance. Paul currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Margie.

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