Cultivating Inner Peace in a Demanding Career

In this episode, Reverend Ketema S. Mason will answer the most pressing questions on how you can get inner peace while striving to build a successful and demanding career:

  • How do the steps to cultivating inner peace relate to me as a law practitioner?
  • What are the steps that can be taken to achieve Inner Peace?
  • How do you navigate your understanding of stressors relating to the legal profession?
  • Tips, concepts and ideas, on Inner Peace

Reverend Ketema S. Mason is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Coach, Writer, Public Speaker, Marriage Officiant, and the Co-Facilitator of the CSL Man Up Empowerment Group.

As a contributing author to the book The Happy Law Practice, Ketema wrote a chapter on Cultivating Inner Peace. He strongly believes that everyone has a unique expression to be shared with humanity and that inner peace is attainable by confidently affirming one’s own truth. He hopes through his ministry he will be able to lead the charge for everyone to sense their individual greatness and endeavor to live a life worthy of that appearance.

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Skyrocket Your Reputation by Writing Your Own Book Easily

Many successful business owners have found that their business shot up to an entirely different level when they published their first book.

Judy Weintraub works with entrepreneurs and professionals just like you to write and publish your own book.

Judy Weintraub, Owner at SkillBites


– Skyrocket your reputation and your business success by writing your own book

– Determine what to write about

– Get yourself started and keep writing from the first page to the last

– Decide between self-publishing or working with a publisher

– Apply authors’ success habits

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Power of National Networks to Empower Your Professional & Personal Success

In today’s BlogTalkRadio episode, we will present practical information and examples on how nurturing a national network of professional & personal contacts is essential to a lawyer’s success.

Topics covered will include:

  • how to use a national bar association—like the ABA—to develop a strong network
  • real-life examples of leading attorneys who have successfullydone so
  • useful tips on how to gain national positive exposure and showcase your talents and expertise
  • what not to do when you’re looking to build a powerful national network

Dr. Valeria Stokes, Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer of the American Bar Association (ABA)

Cie Armstead is the Director of the ABA Center for Racial & Ethnic Diversity, which consists of four programmatic entities: Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession, Council for Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Educational Pipeline, Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice, and Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities.

The Diversity Center provides the framework for effective utilization of ABA resources committed to diversity, improves coordination and collaboration of diversity efforts throughout the Association, and helps to maintain diversity as a priority focus for the Association.

Dr. Valeria Stokes is the Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer of the American Bar Association (ABA). In this position, she is responsible for maintaining the ABA’s long-standing commitment to diversity as stated in its Goal III operating principle to Eliminate Bias and Enhance Diversity and directing all of the human resources functions of the Association. Her position, which reports to ABA Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer Jack Rives, will serve as a focal point for all of the ABA’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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