Esquire Coaching Expands Services to Law Students and Law Schools through Merger with Happy Go Legal

WebOn Monday, May 19, 2014 Esquire Coaching officially acquired Happy Go Legal, a coaching firm dedicated to “helping new lawyers create successful and sustainable career paths.” Esquire Coaching is a coaching, consulting, and training company dedicated to helping lawyers achieve extraordinary personal and professional success. It focuses on 4 key areas: business development, leadership, personal development, and diversity and inclusion.

The two organizations have a synergy regarding advancing the legal profession. In light of the acquisition, Esquire Coaching will restructure it’s organization. Esquire Coaching will focus on providing coaching and training to practicing attorneys, while now offering services to law students under the Happy Go Legal division. This newfound addition to the Esquire Coaching network will allow the company to better serve the student population. Esquire Coaching’s CEO, Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esq., noted, “Through Happy Go Legal, we can provide essential career enhancement coaching and training that are essential to help law students advance in their career at a more affordable price.”

Chelsea Callanan

Chelsea Callanan, founder of Happy Go Legal

Chelsea Callanan, founder of Happy Go Legal, is excited about the merger, stating: “I am thrilled that the vision I had for Happy Go Legal will continue to grow and thrive under the watchful eye of the Esquire Coaching team. Upon founding Happy Go Legal, it became wildly apparent to me that coaching resources are desperately needed at the law school level, to help students have realistic expectations and a motivated approach to career planning throughout their law school experience. The merger of efforts with Esquire Coaching will allow for a concerted effort to support the legal community at a time when legal career satisfaction is at an all time low.”

Ultimately, this merger will benefit Esquire Coaching’s overall mission in equipping attorneys with the skills necessary to be successful within the legal profession.

For more information about Esquire Coaching, visit and to find out more about Happy Go Legal, visit


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