The Softer Side of Selling

by Melissa Grau

Working in the law industry, it’s imperative that you think of yourself as a salesman or saleswoman, ready to give your pitch at a moment’s notice with the intent of attracting clients. But how do you grow your client base without feeling like you’re sacrificing yourself? Christine Clifton, founder of Client Centric Growth, enlightened us as to how we can draw clients to us through compelling conversation.

Christine came to her approach through a series of trial and error. In these learning points, she was able to identify which techniques worked for her and which techniques did not. Christine then analyzed the success factors of each particular client bringing her to her newfound technique, the Softer Side of Selling.

Christine Clifton, founder of Client Centric Growth

Christine Clifton, founder of Client Centric Growth

The important aspect of pitching yourself is to pick the pieces that apply to you and who you are. By tweaking this approach and making it your own, you are more likely to attract clients that identify with your platform. In time, you will help yourself to grow in confidence and be able to incorporate new layers to your personal approach.

Christine specifies that there are four components to the Softer Side of Selling. The first two aspects are internal and the last two aspects are external.

  1.    Understand why you are in business. Having unique position statements about your work will help you to specify exactly why you do what you do subsequently attracting clients. Your ‘why’ is what will ultimately draw clients to you.
  2. Bring forth that ‘why’ into messaging. Micro-messaging is breaking down who you help and how they benefit. Note that this is not yet the ‘what’, but simply conveying your why as explicitly as possible to your desired market.
  3.    Network and market yourself.  When you’re clear about your ‘why’, the next step is to put yourself out there generating clientele.
  4.    Extend the ‘invitation’. Commonly referred to as the ‘ask’, the invitation is a mind shift from just asking a prospective client to hire you to inviting the prospective client to work with you. This change in mindset takes off the pressure of closing a deal and ultimately improves how you go about bringing people into your business.

How We Know It Works

After putting it into action in her own practice, Christine can prove this approach works. Using client results as proof, one client tripled their revenue in a six-month period of time.  Through this approach, individuals are able to refine their work, specify target group, and land clients leading to a successful business. Christine says that when her clients list their benefits, they gain greater confidence in their abilities and rates. Her clients will often increase their rates over time resulting in more profit for the same amount of effort.

The Sponge

To better convey the Softer Side of Selling, Christine uses an analogy to illustrate her point. Think of a sponge as a business. Each divot in the sponge is a service you provide for clients. Now imagine an individual comes to you for a specific service. You are drawing in that client based on a specialized work you perform. The client buys into your business and later down the line uses your practice for another type of service. By breaking down your business into specific entities, you are able to draw clients in and then expand to different divots or services.

In closing Christine summarized her approach in one sentence, “Compelling messaging is what people identify with.” The common misconception of narrowing down your business is that people think they are limiting themselves when in fact they’re broadening the potential for prospective clients. The more concise and clear the message is, the more people will remember you.

Connect with Christine Clifton on LinkedIn and visit her website at to book time to chat.

How do you plan to involve the Softer Side of Selling into your business? How has this approach been successful for you in expanding your client base? Share with us on Facebook at or tweet at us @EsquireCoaching. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, be well.

To listen to the full interview, CLICK HERE.



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