MIND The Matters- The Art and Science of Compelling Communication

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, “A-ha Instigator” and the founder of Surpass Your Goal

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, “A-ha Instigator” and the founder of Surpass Your Goal

by Melissa Grau

Are you sick and tired of delegating tasks that always find their way back to you? How about being fed up with keeping the peace in your practice? Or maybe you’re frustrated after repeating yourself and still no one takes action? Robin Lavitch, founder of Surpass Your Goal, tackles all these issues and more, helping you effectively communicate to get things done.

Robin is an expert in communicating with differing personality styles, interpreting body language, and detecting deception. Her company, Surpass Your Goal, coaches, consults, and trains business professionals on a variety of human behavior elements through personality, motivation, body language, and communication. Through her astute comprehension of human behavior, she is able to guide individuals to success by understanding their own personality style.

“We are our worst enemy and we tend to have limiting beliefs of what we think is possible and so looking at the psychology of what motivates us, looking at the psychology of our beliefs is really helpful in removing some of those obstacles and then sustaining our momentum.”

What is MIND the Matters?

MIND the Matters is a workshop Robin offers that analyzes four different personality styles, Motivator, Investigator, Nurturer, and Director. The purpose of this workshop is to identify your own personality and behavior style determining what motivates and demotivates you. From there, you can understand what you enjoy and be able to delegate what you don’t enjoy doing. In addition, you are also able to understand yourself and those you interact with, leveraging those personality styles to guarantee success. Below is a list of the four personality types and their brief descriptions. For the full descriptions, visit surpassyourgoal.com and look for “MIND the Matters Overview” link under the resources tab.


  •      Innovative
  •      Optimistic
  •      “Big picture” oriented
  •      Charismatic
  •      Loves being the center of attention


  •      Opposite of Motivator
  •      Pessimist
  •      Cautious
  •      Analytical
  •      Big thinkers


  •      Compassionate
  •      Has a hard time saying “no”
  •      Strives for harmony
  •      Driven to help


  •      Opposite of nurturer
  •      Wants to get things done
  •      Doesn’t care what others think
  •      Strives to get things done quickly

Any of these sound like you? Most people are a blend of two, if not three, different styles.

How Do Attorneys Benefit From Knowing Their Personality Style?

Not only is discovering your personality style an eye-opening experience, but it will help you to grow by learning your strengths. You will be able to gather credible knowledge about your staff and learn how to foster healthy relationships within the workplace. Knowing your personality style can also help you to motivate growth within a client.

To apply this knowledge to specific attorney related issues, Robin uses an example of a personal injury lawyer. In this instance, the lawyer can employ his or her personality style to negotiate within the case.  By being able to identify other personality styles, the lawyer will be able to identify what motivates people and what demotivates them, helping to build relationships more easily. Each personality style differs in language they use, each type resonating differently within the jury. In family law, Robin talks about using your knowledge of personality styles to mediate conflict, being able to see past the surface issue and really address the root of the problem.

How Can I Generate a Team Report?

Every boss wants a well-balanced team, complete with a Motivator, Investigator, Nurturer, and Director, but how do you determine that? Through Surpass Your Goal, not only can you identify your own personality style, but you can also generate a 360-Degree team report. The team report plots everyone’s strengths and personality styles within your workplace and clearly identifies the gaps within your firm. The questionnaire also polls your co-workers on how they perceive you, matching their response to your personal evaluation to give the most accurate personality style as possible.

How Do I Know This Works?

Robin has been told on multiple occasions that she has saved marriages through this workshop. MIND The Matters teaches you that you don’t have to be good at everything all the time; you just have to be able to work with others who are strong in areas you are lacking. Robin has incorporated family counseling into this workshop from working with children to working with in-laws. She says that everyone leaves the workshop open-minded after having the “a-hah!” moment thinking to themselves “Oh, that’s why they drive me nuts.” After MIND the Matters, individuals realize there is no right or wrong style. As a result, they are able to have a greater insight as to where the other person is coming from, strengthening that relationship.

For more information about MIND the Matters and Robin’s Master Series, Visit her website at surpassyourgoal.com. Email Robin at robin@surpassyourgoal.com or call her at (727) 776-7766.

Now that you have the keys to understanding human behavior, share with us your personality style! If you need support in working with challenging personality types, contact us for 1:1 coaching.  Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/EsquireCoaching or tweet at us @EsquireCoaching. Let us know how MIND the Matters has worked for you!

Until then, be well.

To listen to the full interview, CLICK HERE.



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