How to Have Fun at a Large Law Firm


Robert Graff, President of The Graff Standard

During law school, many had dreams of working at a large law firm.  While it was understood that the hours would be long, there was the appeal of the large salary, the lunches in the city, the happy hours, and the general camaraderie at the firm.  However, the reality was much different than the expectation and time is spent mostly sitting behind a desk, trying to meet billable hour requirements, creating an unhappy work environment.

But there is another option.  Rather than feeling trapped in a career that doesn’t make you happy, there is a way to derive pleasure from your work.  Robert Graff will be speaking on tips and strategies on how to find enjoyment at your firm and have fun practicing your chosen career.

Robert Graff is the President of The Graff Standard and one of its coaches.  Prior to becoming a coach, he was an assistant district attorney for five years, an associate at an employment, business, and healthcare law firm for two years, and currently has his own private practice located in Pennsylvania. As a coach, he helps lawyers reignite the passion they once felt for the law, find enjoyment in even the most demanding and monotonous aspects of their job, and strike a sustainable work-life balance.

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Leading from the Inside Out: How to Fill the Gaps and Elevate Who You Are

Donna Spina

Donna J. Spina, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

Who are Leaders?

We tend to think of them in only a business sense: the business owners, CEOs, professionals (like lawyers!), executives, or a winning sports coach.

Those who interact with others on a regular basis are all leaders. We all lead, by choice or default. At a minimum, we each are a Leader of One, and exercise Self-Leadership, meaning motivating and inspiring ourselves.

The real question is not whether we are or are not leaders, but rather how well we lead, by empowering, not managing, others.

Whenever you enter a new profession, start a new business, or transition into entrepreneurial-ship, even if in the same profession or business as your former field, there is an Identity Crisis. It takes time to re-learn WHO you are in the new thing you are now doing. Being in touch with how you Lead is critical at this juncture.

On tonight’s Blog Talk Radio interview with Donna Spina, we shall briefly discuss two assessments that when used together can act as a guiding force to integrate your new or existing journey to uplift you to your highest potential. They are the DISC Assessment and Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

Donna J. Spina, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, is a Business, Personal Growth, and Entrepreneurial Transition Coach, Speaker, and Author. Her unique, creative, guided coaching process includes the use of well-respected DISC Behavioral and Energy Leadership Index Assessments.

Donna is a co-author of two books, The Happy Law Practice: Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind (Amazon’s #1 Hot Release on March 25, 2014) Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leadership (forthcoming on Amazon, September 27, 2014).

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