We are Esquire Coaching….

A premier coaching and consulting firm for the US legal profession. We train and employ the best consultants and staff to provide a “one-stop shop” of non-legal skills necessary for the professional advancement of our clients through empowerment.  Our clients become empowered, equipped with essential skills for success and living a joyful balanced life, which then leads to greater profits, productivity, and fulfillment. Our work has a positive ripple effect on all who interface with the legal profession, who are better served by our client’s enhanced skills and knowledge. Provide coaching (individual & group), consulting, speaking, training, events (live & virtual), and tangible products in the following areas:

  • Business Growth

Strategic planning, business development, marketing, sales, branding, systems development, social media

  • Leadership Expansion

Leadership development, assessments, team building, emotional intelligence, networking, managing, public speaking

  • Personal Development

Work-life balance, life coaching, wealth expansion, health and wellness, personal branding and imaging, time management, stress management, career counseling

  • Diversity

Recruitment and retention, diversity training, leadership development, empowerment coaching

Check out our site for all services offered… www.esquirecoaching.com 


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