The Types of People You Meet at Networking Events: Part 1

people-networking2Are you wanting to know how to most effectively make connections at conferences and speaking engagements?

Whether you’re reserved or outgoing, networking events may make you feel feel like you’re walking into uncharted territory.

What can you expect?

What types of people will you meet?

How are you supposed to respond?

As you travel into the unknown, Esquire Coaching is here to give you an overview of the personalities people most commonly run into at networking events, and more importantly, how to connect with them.

This is Part One of our two-part look at The Types of People You Meet at Networking Events:

The Introvert

This type of person tends to be shy and keep to his or herself. They were likely not too enthusiastic about attending this event. You might notice they’re checking their phone, distanced from others, or deeply absorbed in reading a brochure.

The Introvert prefers to observe what is happening rather than take part. This person may seem unapproachable, but don’t let their seemingly standoffish demeanor stop you from making contact. Approach them with confidence and a smile, showing interest in them and asking a light question or a comment that will give them a positive impression of you. They’ll likely appreciate your initiative and you could enter into a deeper conversation with this person that would yield positive results.

When trying to connect with an Introvert, keep the conversation neutral. Avoid pressing questions. Stick to the basics, such as “What did you think of the keynote speaker?” Getting through to this individual may prove to be a challenge, but the longer you maintain a conversation, the more comfortable they will become.

You’ll probably notice that as the conversation progresses, they will begin to open up a little bit more easily. If, however, you sense this person is happy in their “bubble” and would rather not socialize, finesse the remainder of the exchange and move on to more receptive people!

The Social Butterfly

This person is the exact opposite of the introvert! They are fueled by a seemingly endless supply of energy and thrive on making as many connections as possible. They are armed with business cards that they distribute at warp speed and they live for meeting new people. Prepare yourself for having a surface interaction with this person, but be sure to present yourself and what you have to offer in a concise and appealing way.

Give them your business card and any other material you have to share. After the flurry of activity at the event, the social butterfly will most likely take time to review each contact they’ve encountered, and will follow up with you to establish a deeper connection. Remember that the frenzied way they operate socially doesn’t mean they won’t hone in on possible connections that would enhance their practice. So enjoy the brief interaction, and keep an eye out for that follow up call or email!

The Chatterbox

This individual is all about themselves and what they do. They are too busy boasting about their skills to care about what you have to say. While conversing with this individual, ask them questions about their career. This will help them feel valued and automatically favor you.

People feel comfortable when they’re talking about themselves and that feeling of comfort helps them relate well to the person that who made them feel that way. As the conversation progresses, take a page out of their book and jump in to share details about yourself. Eventually, you’ll be able to direct the conversation away from the Chatterbox and simply have a balanced conversation.

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What types of people have you encountered when networking?

How were you able to connect with them?

Which one are you?

What are your best networking strategies?

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Types of People You Meet at Networking Events.